Q&A with Collin Balester

Jordan: How hard is it to adjust from minor league hitters to MLB hitters?

Collin Balester: Well I mean It depends on what level you are at,  AA and AAA there are many hitters that have made it up and many players who are really good enough to be up there, but with all that once you get up there it is just that much different because all those guys up there have so much experience and study the game so much you have to adjust and be ready.

Jordan: How did it feel to make your big league debut?

Collin Balester: It never gets old answering that question, it was truly a dream come true and its what every kid dreams about growing up and for it to come true at such a young age it was great.

Jordan: How did it feel coming up from the minors knowing that you would be playing with the best players in the game?

Collin Balester: I mean thats what you play this game for, you play this game to be able to compete with the best at your sport, ever since I thought I had a chance to play pro ball It felt great that One day I would be able to play and so my skills with the best. Its awesome.

Jordan: Do you know anything about the Nationals minorleague system right now?  (whose down there etc.)

Collin Balester: I mean I have been Up and Down the last 2 years so I mean I know everyone in the minors, We have a bunch of great players all getting ready to blossom at the same time, a lot of people dont know just how good we are going to be.

Jordan: What pitcher do you think is a good comparison for you?

Collin Balester: Wow thats a great question hmm, I really have no idea.

Jordan: I’ve heard that you didn’t know there was minor league baseball until recently before you were drafted. How did you not know and how did you find out?

Collin Ballester: Haha yeah well I’m from CA so all I new was the angels I never new there were minor leagues. I found out when the scouts started coming to my house and telling me about all these weird named cities where I would play haha.

Thanks Collin for answering the question and good luck for the 2010 season!

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