A.J. Morris, RHP

Scouting Report:

Fastball: Sits in the 86-88 mph range as a starter and 89-92 in relief, sometimes reaching 93-94 mph. Has some nice sinking action on it.

Curveball: A sharp breaking pitch and a good second offering.

Changeup: Rarely uses it in relief. Tends to shy away from it when starting.

Slider: Nice tight slider with break in the zone. Very effective against right handed batters.

Control: Has above average control. Walked only 1.9/9 in 2009 with Hagerstown (Single-A).

Strengths: Has a loose, effortless delivery. Knows how to pound the bottom of the strike zone and keep the ball on the ground and in the park. Fields his position very well.

Weaknesses: Will need to get bigger and stronger if he wants to remain a starter. Needs to develop his changeup more as it can be very effective against left handed hitters.

The Nationals have Morris as a stater right now but he could move very quickly if they shift him to a reliever.

Morris’ MiLB profile


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