Boomer Whiting, OF

Hitting: Singles hitter that frequently bunts either for hits or to realign infield for grounders to the 5/6 hole

Power: Little-to-none

Running Speed: Plus-plus tool that merits his inclusion

Bat Speed: Below-average

Arm Strength: Poor

Fielding: Speed enables him to get to more balls than most, yet struggles to go backwards; a LF that plays CF because of his speed

Range: Above-average laterally and going-in

Strengths: Draws enough walks to offset poor batting eye and is a potent basestealer once he gets on

Weaknesses:  All listed above: No power, substandard CF range, doesn’t hit for average

At the end of last season, Whiting was experimenting with switch-hitting and his being sent to the fall instructional league seems to indicate that this will continue, in an apparent attempt to maximize his one outstanding tool: Speed. Whiting may very well be the fastest player in the entire organization, which is what keeps him on any watchlist.

Whiting’s MiLB profile.


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