Chris Marrero, 1B

Scouting Report:

Hitting: Marrero is an average hitter. He has a great approach at the plate and sees the ball very well out of the pitchers hand. He has a natural ability to hit the ball anywhere on the field and has a fluent swing.

Power: His swing generates above average power to all sections of the field.

Bat Speed: Average bat speed, but has a very polished swing.

Running Speed: He doesn’t have much speed, and is a well below average base runner.

Arm Strength: Very strong

Fielding: Marrero is credited with having soft hands. He has a smooth grip on the ball that compliments his arm strength.

Range: Well below average and a big reason why he was moved to first base from the outfield.

Strengths: Marrero has power, a polished swing, and can hit the ball anywhere on or out of the field.

Weaknesses: He is a liability at defense even at first base because of his range. He strikes out 2.3 times for every 1 time he takes a base on balls, but that is expected out of him being a  power hitting prospect.

Chris Marrero seemed to have found himself in 2009. At High A Potomac he hit .287 with 119 hits and 21 doubles in 414 at bats. He mashed 16 home runs and had a respectable .824 On Base + Slugging %. He also drove in 65 runs and crossed the plate 58 times. He didn’t carry his hot bat with him when he was promoted to Double-A Harrisburg, but a lot can be contributed to the fact that this was the longest season he had played so far. After a little rest at the end of the season, Marrero tore up the Arizona Fall League hitting .349 with 7 doubles, 3 home runs, 11 runs, 21 runs batted in, and a .944 OPS in 83 at bats.

Marrero’s entire 2009 season combined showed a lot of progress. During the regular season he showed the kind of power he brings to the table. Then in the winter league he proved that he has the ability to hit for average as well, but sacrificed some home runs. Lets hope that in 2010 he can balance both sides out and hit for a high average with plenty of dingers into the outfield stands.

Marrero has the tools to be a power hitting superstar in Major League Baseball. He will likely be in the minors most of the year, but should get a promotion to Washington when they expand their rosters near seasons end.

Chris Marrero’s MiLB page


2 Responses to Chris Marrero, 1B

  1. Sue Dinem says:

    I have not shaken Marrero’s hands, so I can’t say how soft they are, but I have watched him play the past two seasons in Potomac as a season-ticket holder and “stone” is the word I’d use for his fielding hands. He’s been converted twice (from 3B to LF, LF to 1B) so this is to be expected, but the best that anyone can hope for on defense is that he’ll progress to mediocre.

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