Danny Espinosa, SS

Hitting: Makes solid contact at the plate and is a switch hitter. He can whack line drives all around the field, easily squares up on balls.

Power: Not known to have much power but did smash 18 home runs in 2009 with Potomac (A+).

Running Speed: Average runner at best.

Bat Speed: Good bat speed.

Arm Strength: Above average.

Fielding: Good hands, great body control and agility.

Range: Excellent range, quick first step.

Strengths: Excellent defense, good power, solid tools across the board and a switch hitter.

Weaknesses: Has a lot of leverage in his swing which leads to strikeouts, but leads to more power. Tends to get caught on his front foot.

Espinosa played very well in the AFL in 2009, batting .345, 1 HR, and 14 RBI. 15BB-20K. The BB/K ratio looks very good to me and demonstrates good plate discipline.

Espinosa looks to team with Ian Desmond as the Nationals’ double play combo of the future. He should start 2010 with AA Harrisburg.

Espinosa’s MiLB profile


4 Responses to Danny Espinosa, SS

  1. Sue Dinem says:

    Actually, Espinosa has above-average speed and a terrific eye. I agree that the power is not likely to translate to the upper levels, but there’s no reason he can’t be a 15HR, 35-2B-type hitter.

  2. Thanks, Ill look into changing it in the next report.

  3. Mark L. says:

    This is someone to get excited about, he would have been drafted higher but his bat was deemed questionable. Everything looks good so far, where do you two think he will start April 2010?

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