Jeff Kobernus, 2B

Scouting Report:

Hitting: Kobernus has a quiet approach at the plate. He pushed the bat through the zone a little bit too much, but he has very good bat speed. He has an excellent ability to hit inside pitches.

Power: Has slightly below average power right now, but has potential to be average in the future.

Running Speed: Plus runner, even better when he uses it in longer bursts.

Arm Strength: Kobernus has an average arm.

Fielding: Above average at 2B, shows good ability when pivoting his foot for a double play. Good hands.

Range: Excellent range at 2B.

Strengths: Nice hitting skills and solid defensive skills.

Weaknesses: Limited to only playing 2B, and the bat is not premium.

Kobernus has a very good chance to develop into the Nationals’ #2 hitter. He hits for average, with some pop and gets on base. He is not the most polished bat that scouts look for but the potential is there.

Kobernus’ MiLB profile


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