Top 20 Prospects

Nationals’ Top 20 Prospects – Name, Position, Grade

1. Stephen Strasburg RHP, A
2. Derek Norris C, B+
3. Drew Storen RHP, B+
4. Danny Espinosa SS, B
5. Chris Marrero 1B, B
6. Michel Burgess OF, B-
7. Ian Desmond SS, B-
8. Jeff Kobernus 2B, C+
9. Justin Maxwell OF, C+
10. A.J. Morris RHP, C+
11. Destin Hood OF, C+
12. J.P. Ramirez OF, C+
13. Bradley Meyers RHP, C+
14. Eury Perez OF, C+
15. Josh Smoker RHP, C
16. Marco Estrada RHP, C
17. Paul Demny RHP, C
18. Adrian Nieto C, C
19. Juan Jaime RHP, C
20. J.R. Higley OF, C


How the grading works: Players are graded on a scale 20-80.

70-80 (A) – A player that receives this ranking is one of the premier players in baseball. They are one of the top at their position.

60-69 (B) – This is where you will find star caliber players, but not as elite as 70-80 players.

55-59 (C+) – This is the range in which most players fall. Quality players can be found here, most starters in the MLB are in this range.

50-54 (C) – A player who can become a solid every day MLB player.

45-49 (D+) – Fringe starters, backups, 4th outfielders, pinch hitters, fifth starters, middle relievers, and one tool players.

40-44 (D) – Roster fillers and organizational fillers.

38-39 (M) – Players who are likely to be career minor leaguers.

20-37 (N) – Not a prospect.


For 60-69 prospects, 60-62 is a B-, 63-66 is a B, and 67-69 is a B+.

C type prospects are interchangeable on lists depending on what you are looking for.


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